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Not an everyday scene.

It hits different when the sun falls upon your skin

It's not an everyday scene.

There a regalia clouding your poses

or maybe it exudes it, royalty.

There's magnet in those lips

And I'm getting ionic

Chemistry or not,

I feel a drawing.

A fine art,

Shall we indulge a fine act.

I get tipsy when I think of you

Never going to be yours? Never!

There's poetry on your skin

There's a lover in me

There's when I wouldn't be no more

But it will be known.

Eons after I'm gone

The only story I ever read,

Is the one your body told.


Written by: Cirphrank

Lady: Omosomi Omosude

If it ain't Jesus, G, it ain't us.✌️ Cirphrank



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