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Ink and Me

isidorewritesisidorewrites Member
edited November 2019 in Poems

He said talent is like an asset

It doesn't depreciate!

I mean I was flattered

It means he sees and appreciate

I may had woken to a destiny

Of ink and Lead

Eternal cosmic dance of my soul and body

To the world and beyond space

My message lauds Love

With underlying hope of happiness

To your generation and my fore children unborn

With a life that knows no bitterness

A dozen left in my head

To bless you with

The work of a blessed hands

That I was graced with

If nature is my masterpiece

Its colour became my interest

I'm a duplicate of life's favour

To it ,I act keenest 

Through me,life could be created

From my mind's breathe 

And my heart thoughts

I would leave a great trait

With thousand words that my inks write

I would express my joy inside

I can't leave my talent to slide

I have a thousand and would make it a worthwhile!



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