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If not now, then when?

He had blue eyes and envelope brown teeth

Skin black and glistening like an oil spill

He had not a penny

But tons of regrets.

-If not now, then when?

Pale blue eyes housed in a pale skin

Beggar by the gate of his own kin

Had dreams he should have shot for,

But he never made a kill.

For there was procrastination and what will people say,

He proceeded with the now clearer phrase:

-if not now, then when?

Make a run for it before you run out of time

When you plough with fear you'd harvest regrets,

I've seen enough,

I don't need to see it all before I take the leap of faith

Even if it's ringing in my head - "t's too late"

So as I leap off this train,

To catch my dreams, I hope you catch your breath

And take a break off the rat race too.

For if not now,

then when?


Written by Cirphrank

If it ain't Jesus, G, it ain't us.✌️ Cirphrank



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