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Do you ever wonder 

Why I do not wet my quill

To scribble

About love?

How do you talk about

Something you have never seen or touched?

I believe you want to say

"God is love"

But I write today, not of Godly love

I write about love that leaves you 

With a tear in your eye

And a fire in your manhood

I write about a love that

Makes you do all the things 

You swore you never would 

That makes you fight

And beat your chest in pride

Among other males when you

Speak about the browness of her thighs

About a love that

Makes you B






Just to feel her smile

A love that makes you long

To spend the day, 

The nights

Becoming a man

Between her thighs

Proving that you are worth the time spent 

On deflating the pride of men

Who boast of pride

And deeper pockets 

I am not a man

But I believe you understand when I say

This love is hard to come by

And harder to keep satisfied 'tween my 

Cyber arms. 

© Enero Aji 



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