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I'm going to make this quick and try to be quite practical, so I'd be doing this list style.

  1. This is a forum not a 1-man thing, so when you read a discussion, don't just slide past, react comment, do unto others as you'd want done unto you. Would you love to be ignored??
  2. Login at least once a day, it's been found out to be good for your health. Don't ask.?
  3. Update your profile, it's disheartening to have read a lovely piece by you, only for me to decide to look up your profile so I'd know if to proceed with shooting my shot then I see emptiness, that hits differently!?
  4. You see that edit profile thing ehn, when you click it, editing goes beyond the options it shows you outright, when done with that, scroll down, and you will see some options like edit signature - when you click that, you can append a message to all posts you make on this forum like me, look up all my posts in discussion and you'll see "if it ain't Jesus..." if you though I was manually adding that every time I post - ???
  5.  - click and edit yours, save, and like it is called it will be your signature that will be automatically appended below all your messages by default. Someone like @BarelyHuman can put something like; I'm barely human, but wholly woman! ... look up the others to see what they do.
  6. You can format your messages on both mobile and PC, like you've seen me do italics and more above, when you highlight your words, apart from the default copy and paste things that show, you should see something like this: B i S ... click on any and watch magic show you true colors.
  7. There's emojis on-site, in case your keyboard is having a war with emoji kingdom, don't worry, we've got you. The site has it's own emoji system, use them every now and then to spice up conversations.
  8. You can slide into DMs, and have personal chats or add users and turn into a group chat. Lookup @Phoenix for instance, I saw the first picture she uploaded and I felt a moving in the spirit...?
  9. We respect your privacy, while editing profile, you'd see their are options to make your email hidden from the public and also your online status too.
  10. I'll update us on more later, or you can get exploring already! for now, start using the share buttons, they won't bite, not even much of your byte, no I'm not as troublesome as @habeegurl . See you all later when I've charged my device. ?

If it ain't Jesus, G, it ain't us.✌️ Cirphrank



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