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A moment of silence

He was a jack of all trades,

Tirelessly, he worked for several decades,

Not until it came like a net,

Sucking life away, to his death.

Resting In the bosom of father Abraham,

He literally had no fear of harm,

But looking back at mother Earth,

He wept at the stings of death.

Death is a game,

A game which no one know his turn,

Some cheat to get away,

But sadly, the good ones pay

His mama was wailing,

Her breathe was failing,

Her voice was shaky,

Her heart was broken ?

Vanity upon vanity! He said,

But his voice began to fade,

A moment of silence for the fallen heroes,

A moment of silence for the true heroes,

A moment of silence for that deceased giving you sleepless nights,

A moment of silence.

God chaser



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