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Path of Silence

In stinging reverberant silence,

Where the cloud darkens in uncertainty,

The trees nod in regrets,

And the ocean dies a still-tear.

Amidst this silence sat I,

Perturbed and flustered.

Filled with obsession,

I scurried into an affair,

Inherently clandestine,

Through this love waded I,

Concealed in hidden codes,

Excitingly igniting.

In a race for the future,

My all I did gave,

From the least to the most,

That there be,

Just one possibility,

Of non-restriction.

But I was weeded,

In silence's sharp shock,

Coiled within its razor,

Of gutlessness,

And wordlessness-

An utmost transfixion.

In this sanctuary seated I,

Watching my lifelong obsession,

Slip into the grasp,

Of another,

At the altar,

Of a lifetime.

And I could hear the priest...

"... Or forever remain silent".

And I did,

For I was haunted

And devoured,

By bloodhounds of silence.

My efforts and struggles,

Was summed up,

In vain and futility.

For through the past six years,

I had been on a wild-goose chase,

On the bridle path of silence.


El Magnifico el est Magico!

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