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>>>Depict the Piece<<< WEDNESDAY (9th Edition)

Good day, Citizens of Boom Poetry. Today is Wednesday, and it is time to Depict the Piece.

Here's how it works;

  • A piece of poetry is shared here.
  • We read through and leave comments on what we can interpret from the poem.
  • By 6:30pm, we gather here to discuss intoto and conclude on the ingredients that makes the meal of a poem so tasty.

Here's our piece for today;

Charred Wick (by Cirphrank)

I do not calibrate it on my face, so when you see me you see a smile, though every inch of my skin is moist with pain, when I perspire, groans rise up to heavens but I mask it so well the vapor is nearly invisible, and you only get the point only after I'm done evaporating.

You may find me limping, I won't speak of that strike that I got to my limb, I'll simply tell you I just got me some angelic blessings, for I was raised by selfless fighters, who's very existence is the definition of sacrifice and though every action they took was taken with caution for better tomorrows for generations to come, they keep it humble like their presence was inconsequential.

I don't do it if it's not for us, though I may be running like a lone horse, but when I'm gone, when you find me a charred wick, you'll find that I burned and did light a whole lot up, for us.

Gather round Poets... Let's depict the piece. πŸ–‹πŸ–‹πŸ–‹

El Magnifico el est Magico!


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