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Death and Darkness

There are spaces of fire in the realm of men,

That burns the soul and scares the mind.

I have made my heart a shield,

As I walk into this night

To court with death and dine with darkness.

In this night,

There are springs of tears to drink from,

And murmurs of silence to hearken to.

There are fears that groans like trembling graves,

And pain that bursts a feeble brain.

They are before me, where I cease to exist and know no grief,

For I am the black spot who had ceased to breathe and gone beneath.

There are five gods who have made men sick and shown them fear.








They are a flaming fire each,

Coloured in the colours of [D]arkness.

I was thought this by the first of the gods.

I treaded on in this dark night,

For my burden was light and my woes were fed.

But I was back again where my walk began,

And I knew that I was at the very [E]nd of a new beginning.

I began and ended over and over again,

Till my feet knew the length of every inch of the ground it trod,

And my soul learned to love loneliness.

Alas! I was [A]lone... the god without a worshipper.

Deep in the depths of this night,

There is a dawn.

I thought myself mad,

Until [T]ruth showed me how dreams are formed from darkness,

And how life was drawn from death.

My soul was heavy,

For darkness had treated me to a fine meal.

And I saw fear,

He was a twain that should never have met.

For he had [H]eaven and [H]ell in his belly,

And unleashes them at his free will to deserving souls.

There are spaces of fire in the realm of men,

That burns the soul and scares the mind.

These spaces are far more significant than we take them to be.

For there is heaven in death,

And light in darkness.


El Magnifico el est Magico!

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