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To keep or not ?

"Chimo"!!!! I heard Aunty Vero scream. 

Wondering what must have happened, I ran into the room with so much haste that one would have thought a masquerade was after me. 

"Aunty, what's wrong" I said between pants and trying to catch my breath before noticing the presence of Mama chimdi.

At the sight of her, I knew the reason behind the scream was the package of gossip she came to deliver to my aunt. 

Mtchew!!! minister of gossip affairs. 

"My dear, wonders shall never cease", aunty Vero replied.  

I kept quiet, thinking of how I'd just ran an unnecessary marathon. 

"Kate is pregnant oh"

 "And not just that, her father has sent her out of the house, I mean, he has washed his hands off her matter". 

"Mama Chimdi is just coming from their house where she went to plead with Kate's father to tamper justice with mercy". 

Aunty Vero must have waited for a reply but when she didn't get any, she repeated her statement, ending it this time with, "didn't you hear me, Nelo. What do you have to say" ?

"I heard you clearly aunty. It's such a shame but I wonder why her father would send her out. "

Ehn!!! Isi gini?

"What else should be done to a child who has decided to shame her family?

A child who gets pregnant out of wedlock, knowing how much her parents are held in high regard by their neighbors" ?

"If it was me, I would have disowned her!!" 

"What would you have preferred Aunty", I said. 

"That she gets an abortion? 

That she keeps the pregnancy a secret and kills the foetus before it ever matures to an embryo" ? 

"Getting pregnant out of wedlock is a no-no aunty but if it ever happens, the one who decides to keep the baby shouldn't be more scorned than the one who hid it and did an abortion". 

"You can get angry, scold and vent for all I care but Aunty and Mama Chimdi, do not give the impression that an abortion is better than keeping the baby to the younger generation, Chimdi's generation. 

"Better teach them to abstain."

"And if they can't, teach them to follow safety measures".

"But please, do not teach them to conceive a child out of a fleeting moment of pleasure only to wipe it off the face of the earth before it ever stepped it's feet here". 

The silence that followed after I ended my "speech" ๐Ÿ˜ showed I'd hit the nail. 

So I jejely stepped out of the room and closed the curtains!!!! 

Hope you sef got the gist? 




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