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Karma's a myth

She must be a beauty queen, I thought. 

Dark skinned, beautiful brown eyes, long hair and a "to die for " body......As a ten year old girl, I couldn't have been more right with my earlier conclusion. 

Aunty Timi was one hell of a beauty.

Beauty and brains actually.

I totally saw her as a role model. 

She was my Uncle Seth's girlfriend. (Something I didn't exactly understand, cuz I felt she deserved someone better).

I mean he was a perpetual cheat. 

A year later and we're on our way to Aunty Timi's funeral. 

Abortion gone wrong. 

Uncle Seth had given her a concoction to help "take care " of the unwanted pregnancy but it didn't just do that, it took care of her too. 

No jail term for Uncle Seth, no form of punishment...... just a bunch of family meetings to apologize for the outcome of his actions.


Sad and angry but I took solace in the popular belief that Karma would always show up, to pay us what we've sown. 

In my head, I'd thought about a couple of bad things that'll happen to him in the future.

Fast forward eight years later and Uncle Seth is happily married to an amazing woman and now has two kids. 

Believe me, I'm happy for him. 

But sometimes I wonder if maybe Karma is partial. 

I mean if Karma's a person, then I doubt he has Uncle Seth's address. 

Or maybe as a judge, he didn't find Uncle Seth guilty. 

I mean even that wife beater and murderer, Mr Ken served only six years in prison for beating his wife to death, came out and is now living life like nothing of such ever happened.

Like his actions didn't cost a person their life......

All these years and I still have so many "ifs" on my mind.

And one of it is, if Karma didn't punish Uncle Seth for what he did to Aunty Timi, then maybe, Karma's a myth. 

Something we made up to ease our hurt, pain and thirst for justice when we go through difficult situations caused by others. 

Or maybe I was too quick to conclude. 

Maybe Karma's taking its time so it can come with a much worthy payback. 

Maybe......just maybe. 

But deep down, I wish Karma never pays Uncle Seth a visit. 

I wish it truly is a myth.

Because I've come to learn, that whatever affects one, affects the other......

And like Aunty Timi, I've come to love Uncle Seth's wife, his other. 



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