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This is life; 

we move, we wait, we stop.

we walk, we run,

 we believe, we disbelieve.

we love, we dislike, we hate.

we talk, we stay quiet,

 we laugh, we cry,

we fall in love, we are fallen love for,

we look, we overlook,

we celebrate, we are celebrated.

we stay, we leave,

we work hard, we play prank,

we fail, we pass,

 we speak, we listen,

we respect, we disrespect,

 we takeover, we are taken-over.

we read, we write,

we teach, we learn.

we live, we die.

This is planet earth, 

this is our world,

this is us with different mentality,

with different level of I.Q

with different ideas and opinions.

You are you,

 I am I,

nothing can change us.

Always stay as who you are and never change

just to please me, 

cause I won't change to please them.

Don't hold grudges against other's ideas,

just live a life of yours and not mine.

We are human, we can't be perfect.

just stay as who you are

and please don't work out on me 

when you learn about my idea

© Kolade Olawale Kabir Àdèlé



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