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The earth shall swallow us

after our death is cooked 

and given to us to swallow,

our hearts shall melt

after exchanging pleasantries

and we found the string (love)

merging lines of our love story

into a collection of sweet short stories.

Our land shall find peace

after every man hides his pride

and apologetically erase his wrongs

from other men's heart.

Our land shall find peace

when leaders don’t only sit on thrones

but never leave an aperture of lies 

in the operation of governance.

Our heart shall taste bitterness

after our lives became

a series of unfortunate events;

failure, lost love, betrayal

poverty, death 

and a series of event that leave sour taste

on our lives' taste buds.


a thousand mile is just a story told

of countless failures

that own pages in our lives,

failed teenage age, failed adolescence

and failed adulthood

that rubs us of our happiness

till we became weary if life.

Lost love;

our hearts have been traded a number of time

for commodities heavier than our bank accounts,

our feelings have been used in a trade

for fine faces

that redefined ours as ugly,

our hearts have been broken

only to find our that it pieces

would be broken some other times

cause hearts will continue to love

and hearts will continue to be rejected.


our loved ones could be enemies

who got our trust drown

in a pool of betrayal

and shred our hearts apart.

We might be left wondering

on the reality of this,

but its a soldier

in the army of possible aphoristic lines

in the life of man.


poverty burns like the furnace,

our faces, our pride

our future, our lives.

Poverty left our roofs licking,

our homes dilapidated,

out of school children eating their breath

and like wildfire,

it spread over us

sucking all hopes out of our skins.


we lost brothers to death’s strangle,

fathers kicked bucket in their sleep,

mothers have been given

beautiful night rest 

after they lost in the battle against cancer

and we are waiting

for that night

we will sip in our breath.

Death is always a sour sorrow.

Our hearts shall find happiness

when we find love, success

freedom and events

that add mass of sweetness

on our taste buds.

Our hearts shall taste happiness,

When the vocal cord 

Of the ones we love

sing Ode in praise of us,

when we laugh in absence of joke

cause the sweetness of our accomplishments

never seize to play in our head

and when the cage broke

and we took flight

in embrace of our freedom.

© Kolade Olawale Kabir Àdèlé



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