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Standing at the end of a long queue at the ATM spot,

Under the ever scorching heat of the sun

And sweating profusely,

I could literally feel sweat dripping down my face to my neck 

As I try to come to terms with the ever increasing daily heat.



I heard her called out  

As she walked hurriedly like someone whose heels were packed full with coals.

I wanted to answer,

cause the call sounded like one for me

But trying to avoid the mistake before of answering a call not meant for me,

I stared at her continuously as if waiting for her spirit to tell mine that it was me she was longing to reach for.

As she got closer, 

Her face became vividly clear, 

But trying hard to rack my brain to fit the picture of the first time I met her was still not clear.

She was dark complexioned,

Her black was like a shining enamel 

Shining brighter even as the sun approached bedtime,

They say black is bold and beautiful, 

But to say she was just bold and beautiful seems like an understatement

Cos her beauty reminds one that truly there are gods on earth

And she, she was a goddess!

And the earth counted privileged to have her walk on it.

Her eyes were crystal clear like glass in water,

I could literally see my reflection through it.

As she became an arm length away ,

I saw her ever widen smile cause dimple waves across her face 

like a happy sea trying to express its joy.

Her eyes told me

"We know a lover when we see one",

"Know the waves of men who explore women like poetry".

She spoke first

Hi Kelvin, How're doing?

I'm fine, I replied

You're FAVOUR RIGHT? I asked, 

Finally, my head was picking her picture.

Yeah, you're kinda right, she said

But my friends call me FAVORITE

*and the rest was History*



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