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How could I have told you

That the sun rose behind the door?

How could I have known that stars do sit with elegance on broad day light?

How would you believe the sun did sat,

Setting on an armless seat?

Sitting some distance away

I could feel the heat brewed from her wide smile

As it drove the cold caused by the ever stubborn air conditioner.

Slowly I felt my blood begin to boil

The cells hitting the walls of my blood vessels as they try helplessly to escape.

As she stood and walk briskly towards me

I felt my blood cells rush to my heart hitting it with a bang

My heart vibrated!

As she came closer the rhythmic pattern increased, my heart raced till my pulse became a steady flow,

She was just an arm length away.

She stopped, paused,And then said, "what beautiful eyes you got there".

I was speechless

Before I could come to terms with her words, she was already half way out the door, 

Grrrrrrrrrrrg, The CRYSTAL-BELLS in my heart sounded off their alarm,

A sign her presence was causing my Blood pressure to rise.

My name is CHRYSTA-BEL she said

Shutting the door behind her with a bang!!



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