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Diary of the dancing stranger

Am at a party I don't want to be,

From hi's and fake Hello's,

To sitting at the bar with a glass in hand,

With a stranger just by my side,

Conversations intertwine,

I try to understand his mystery as he does me,

We talk, and dance yet his words fail to do justice,

I wonder what he's like without the distraction of company,

Without the hesitation of his gentlelike nature,

I wonder if he's caring, nice, driven and intimate, 

But even while he tries to explain,

His beauty is my serenade, 

His hazy brown eyes like windows to the universe, I long for more, 

But here we are, 

Talking and dancing with a stranger

His touch warm as a new summer day, 

His breath heavy and firm like he could not wait to take me away,

I rest gently on him while we sway side to side

His hands on my curves, 

I wish he would go farther, 

I wish we could leave the room, 

Leave the company behind,

So I could have him all to my self,

And act out all the wicked thousand thoughts in my head, 

Staring into his eyes, 

And it feels like I time travel,

Past, present, future,

They all intersect,

Trying to read and understand him,

Is like trying to read a big heavy book with blank pages, 

If he where karma, 

I'd be facing my fate,

Because I have no idea how to leave his touch,

Or do I even want to, 

If he where disaster,

I'd gladly face my Faith, 

This would be destiny and there'd be nothing I could do



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