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She's just like her name

Shinning, beautiful and with Fame

I really don't wanna sound vain

But I believe when I start to talk about sparkle,you would think I'm insane

I can't think straight

When she's around I feel strange

My heart keeps getting tight and beating real fast likes it's gonna explode

There's this message in my head that I need to decode

When sparkle smiles

I just stop and stare like a fool

Which sounds cliche,then again with her it doesn't matter the flaws

I mean for me that's the law

I'm usually a talkative

You'd think my tongue is massive

Crazy thing is when I'm close to her I instantly become passive

Ah! Orimi O! Aye mi O!!

How did all this happen?

When did I become this sappy?

Me! Baddo! Has been reduced to a mushy mess

And it's possible she would care less

I swear I will tell her

Tell her what?? You might say

I swear I will tell her

I will tell her that I like her

I will tell her that I admire her

I will tell her that she's beautiful

I will tell her that I want to be her friend and her lover

All this I will say to her one day


Today I'm too shy

Today I'm not fine

Today I'm too fat

Today I look like a rat!

Today is just not perfect! It's not right!

Sparkle for now we will meet in the dark of night

When eyes are closed and dreams are opened

You will see! I will tell sparkle!





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