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Thorns in my flesh

Damn it TG, don't act like a drone

My instincts warning me to make hay while the sun shone

And with each step I took, anxiety went two steps ahead

I really wondered if I would even be heard.

Going down memory lane, it felt too hard

Even if I now laugh over it with Dad

The disorder ordering my steps carefully

Ready to reprimand me if I ever overdosed on confidence

I had hoped to one-day sit under the palm tree

Sharing my experience, happy I was now free

But then these thorns in my flesh

Thorns which always made the wounds afresh

They never seemed to stop biting

They never seemed to stop fighting

They never let me experience healing

They rather let me confused, staring blankly at the ceiling

Maybe It deemed fit i have it

Maybe I was meant to take this hit

Maybe God wants my thorns to remain behind bars

Maybe as a reminder I am still human, I needed the scars

The scars from these THORNS IN MY FLESH.

God chaser



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