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Ain't your mum African!!

It didn't occur to Chioma to remove the pot of efo riro soup from the fire so the moment she heard mama scream like she'd lost a dear one, Chioma knew her time in this house was over. "A child who says the mother will not sleep will also not sleep," mama preached so the world would hear. "The fly that has no one to advise it, follows a corpse into the grave. I did not kill my mother so no child that I bore out of this womb would kill me." She said, patting her wrinkled stomach which had carried plenty.


Chioma felt the fickle finger of fate's icy digit slither up her spine as she answered, "maa."

"Ma yourself here" mama said with venom laced in her tongue, "a chick that will grow into a rooster can be spotted the very day it hatches likewise the one that will be useless. What happened to the soup I painstakingly prepared yesterday?"

"Mama, I was... I just stepped inside to..."

"To what?" She asked, ready to strike. "Onen e n'oogun adoado ee gb'ayinya win. I told your father, taking you to the city was like adding petrol to flame. I told..."

"What is it with all the shouting this peaceful afternoon again? Can't an old man have peace in his house!" Baba Chioma asked, coming out of his hut.

"There's no peace for those whose ears are in their anus."

"Woman, you didn't just say that to my face."

"I did baba Chioma. A ti kekee e ti p'eitan u'oko i, do ba d'agba tan e i du ka ma. 'Mama Chioma, you talk too much.' 'Let this child be, she'll learn.' Now, you've bred a goat."

"Mama!" Chioma protested.

"E gbe ru e dake, before I break that coconut of a head with this pestle. There's nothing you do in this house but sit all day like a new iyawo waiting for her mother-in-law to come and massage her feet. Just to warm small soup and we have ashes."

"Mama Chioma, I've said this times without number - ohun pele, o yo obi n'apo; ohun lile yo uda n'ako, but kosi wahala. She's your daughter, do with her as you please." He said, moving into his hut as mother chases daughter out of the compound.

Onen e n'oogun adoado ee gb'ayinya win : he who does not have an antidote for a disease called "adoado" should not swallow a cockroach(avoid anything with adverse effects).

A ti kekee e ti p'eitan u'oko i, do ba d'agba tan e i du ka ma : trim the branches of an iroko tree while it is young, if it matures completely it can't be bent again.

E gbe ru e dake : shut your mouth

ohun pele, o yo obi n'apo; ohun lile yo uda n'ako : a gentle voice brings Kola from the pocket while a harsh voice brings out a sword from its sheath.

Wetin concern bicycle with fuel station?πŸ˜‚



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