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Dear Mother


Dear mother,

Life hasn't been fair so I bleached it

I took my due from nature's pot 

Since she's refused to serve me

I ate my cake and some of others too


I've become one of the boys you warned

And told me to stay away from

The boys whose path I shouldn't have crossed

Are the ones who now follow my trail


I can't sleep at night

Just to enjoy the pleasures of daylight

I can't take some meals 

Or nature would have it's toll on me

But I'm tired ma, 

I'm tired of running when no one's chasing

I'm tired of hiding.... Hiding in plain sight

When the mere glimpse of law enforcement officers

Make my heart skip a beat 

I thought only love could do that ma......I'm tired

I don't have people I can call friends

Just niggas who haven't seen the sweetness in life

People whose only source of Joy is money

Forgetting that it's only temporary 

Dear mother, 

I would like to turn a new leaf 

But I have no access to the tree

Like a man stranded in an exam hall

There's no one to turn to

Ma, please help me! 

-Your son. 



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