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Happy birthday T.G

It was like yesterday.

When the midwife said happy birthday.

I saw the smiles on Mama's face.

My little fingers reaching out to embrace her.

I saw the satisfaction in Papa's smiles.

Like someone who just won a race of miles.

I saw the happiness in the gaze of grandma.

Gladness was an understatement to describe her feelings.

I saw the gifts of the well-wishers.

Even if they couldn't be compared to the gifts God gave me.

A tear slid down my cheeks and everyone laughed.

I couldn't comprehend anything and so I looked on like I was daft.

This is just me going down memory lane.

A lane which has gone, gone down the drain.

Never to be forgotten,But never to be tread upon. 

It was like yesterday, it was like yesterday. Happy birthday T.G Troy. I love you bro.


God chaser



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